Man is defined by culture and culture is mostly studied in the Anthropology field which is the study of human culture human and how they interact with their environment. It is also as the study of the human nature, and human society (Schultz and Robert 5). It is an academic field that aims to explain in the widest possible sense what it implies to be human. Anthropologists make considerable and precise comparisons among cultures; an overview of humans needs proof from the wide variety of human societies. In that sense, cultural anthropology is one of the anthropology fields (holistic study of humanity) that examine culture as a significant scientific theory.

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Women are accountable for all domestic work, and few are in employment outside the home. This is starting to change as more girls have access to an education, and foreign pressure has customized traditional views of women’s roles. The bride and groom usually have an opportunity to meet before marriage. Upon marriage, the groom’s family pays a sum of money to the bride. Lastly, Saudi Arabia is headed by a monarchy whose king is both the head of government and state. The constitution is the Koran.

Works cited

Al Kalifa, H. First Light: Modern Bahrain and Its Heritage. 1994

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