Arabian singer Fairouz

Arabian singer Fairouz

Arabian singer Fairouz

Fayrouz (Nouhad Haddad) is regarded as one of the best Arabic singers of the contemporary music industry. Her vast international applause is attributed to her talent which she has displayed in her music that is mostly a demonstration and presentation of the Lebanese culture to the rest of the world.

Because of her great work, she has received many awards and global recognition. Her successful career can attribute to her early life both in terms of her humble background and external influences. This paper looks at her biography, her music, and legacy.


Fayrouz was born in Beirut, Lebanon on November 21, 1933. She was raised in a poor home situated in the paved alley known as Zuqaq al-blat that mostly consisted of poor people. The houses comprised of single rooms offering accommodation to numerous families who had to share many facilities. During her early childhood, she demonstrated a natural passion towards singing. In addition, she took every chance to sing, whether in neighborhood congregations, singing along to songs from the neighbors who were lucky enough to have radios; to singing for the neighborhood children when she nursed them (Habib, 2005).

Fayrouz by the age of ten had become famous at school in respect of her exceptional voice.

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Melodically, Ferouz’s songs are in the common language of traditional Arab music. Her songs are basically non-improvisatory. Thus, her highly informal ambience and the abundance of rhythmic and melodic nuances are usually abandoned in favor of all well-rehearsed presentations and pre-composed tunes.

Andrew, H. (2007). Popular Culture in the Arab World: arts, politics, and the media. American University in Cairo Press.

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