Appropriate use of Gemfibrozil

Appropriate use of Gemfibrozil

Appropriate use of Gemfibrozil

Reforms on the health care have generated interest in coming up with strategies to decrease health care costs without comprising the quality of healthcare services. The quality to be adhered to is for example use of evidence-based therapies, including generics. The Action to Control

Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes trial of late revealed that fenofibrate plus statins in people with type two diabetes did not lead to decline of cardiovascular situation more than statins alone. The other fenofibrate study, Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes as well failed to show reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

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The arguments tend to favor the use of bezafibrate in the patients with diabetes mellitus. This was evidenced by the urge of the NZ doctors to use bezafibrate in patients with diabetes mellitus. The high rate of hypertension in persons diagnosed with bezafibrate may be as a result of a greater prevalence of diabetes.

When it comes to reduction of the amount of lipids in the body system, gemfibrozil is more preferred and should be prescribed in low dosage to be more effective. Gemfibrozil remains a treatment agent in patients suffering from dyslipidemia.

Assmann, G., & Frick, M. H. (1990). Redefining risk factors for coronary heart disease: The benefit of regulating lipoproteins : proceedings of a symposium held in Nice on 13 September, 1989. Auckland, N.Z: ADIS Press.

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