Approach and policies to counter terrorism

Domestic terrorism in the United States has increasingly become a common phenomenon. Citizens with diverse ideologies, religions and beliefs have committed atrocities against fellow Americans and damaged property(Bjelopera, 2013. P.p.11). Therefore, the Department of Justice together with the Federal Bureau of Investigations have established stringent measures to identify and thwart future occurrences. Nevertheless, with dealing with such groups, strict care needs to be observed to ensure the constitution is not in any way violated while carrying out surveillance and protection.

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The Act provides for legal and congressional oversight of intelligence missions that are international while seeking to maintain confidentiality for national security fears to be scrutinized. The Act further stipulates the processes and rules by which physical and electronic surveillance is to be carried out. Further, its jurisdiction was expanded to cover, trap and trace devices, bodily searches and business records(Ronczkowski, 2011. Pp. 25).

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