Appointment of the Seven

Appointment of the seven

Appointment of the Seven

Appointment of the Seven; The New Testament referred to them as followers.  The Jerusalem church was composed of two types of Jews. There were the native Hebrews who inhabited Palestine and spoke both Aramaic and Greek.

These Jews also read the Hebrew Scriptures. The others were know as Hellenists or Jews of Diaspora. They lived outside Palestine but eventually migrated from their ancestral homes to Palestine. Greek was their primary language.

They embraced the Septuagint version of the Old Testament[1]. The Bible classifies Apostle Paul as a Hebrew. The major distinction between Hellenists and Hebrews was linguistics. Hebrews spoke the Semitic language while Hellenists could not.

The Hellenists were represented by Philo Alexandria who had great intellectual capacity[2].  

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The twelve apostles delegate their duties to part of the church congregation so that they could not be distracte from their duties. This involve the administration and organization of widows. The apostles gave a duty to the congregation of selecting seven men who would serve that purpose.

The seven men would be know as deacons of the church. The deacons were suppose to bear certain qualities to be considered fit for that position[1]. One of the requirements is that Deacons were suppose to be dignified. They were suppose to respectable, honorable, esteemed and worthy before the eyes of the congregation.

The resource gives readers and an understanding of how the seven deacons came to exist. The author highlights the differences that existed between the Hebrews and Hellenists.

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