Applying Theory to a Practice Problem part 3

Applying Theory to a Practice Problem part 3

Applying Theory to a Practice Problem part 3.

Applying Theory to a Practice Problem part 3: Nursing practice is a professional practice that encompasses a body of knowledge reached through development theory, logical analysis, and research.

This section seeks to describe a borrowed theory of nursing practice as discussed in part two. Besides Margaret Watson, Katharine Kolcaba is another successful nursing theorist who has significantly inspired nursing theorists. She formulated the comfort theory (Barker, 2011).

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1944, Katharine Kolcaba, American nursing theorist and professor developed comfort theory. Her theory has been previously implemented at various levels of institutional.

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Katherine Kolcaba and Margaret Watson are great nursing theorists who formulated middle range nursing theories applicable in the current nursing practice problems. As addressed in this paper, the patient negligence problem can be solved conclusively with the application of the two theories.

As a borrowed theory, the elements of Kolcaba’s comfort theory addresses the elements of the patient negligence solution. The elements states that ease, relief, and transcendence are factors that facilitate patients comfort. In addition, the theory emphasizes on patients’ physical, psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural and environmental factors that lead to their recovery.

Comfort and caring theories are applied through utilizing their concepts such viewing the patient, patient’s health, and through caring and comforting lens. The two theories demand that patients are viewed as a being composed of the mind, body, and soul. The application of comfort and caring theory would lead to a better care among patients.


Alfaro-LeFevre, R. (2011). Applying Nursing Process, London: Prentice Hall.

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