Applying the Model of Linda Seger Creating the Myth

Applying the Model of Linda Seger Creating the Myth

Applying the Model of Linda Seger Creating the Myth.

Applying the Model of Linda Seger Creating the Myth: Shakespeare, in his play Romeo and Juliet, expresses the stages as stated by Linder Seger in the development of a hero.

Although the play is written long before the stages are pointed out, the author of the play portrays Romeo as the hero of the story as his love for Juliet leads into the uniting of two families that formerly existed as great enemies. The play is in Verona (Shakespeare).

Romeo starts by being portrayed as living in the ordinary surrounding. He is just a humble man, who lives a normal life. He does not have any unique factors identified with him. In fact, he is just a member of the Montague, and no more.

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and is executed to death. At last, Romeo is transformed as a hero in his death. As he unites the two families in his death that later results into Juliet’s death, the two families appreciate him. They feel that his actions were meant for the good of the society.

As a result, the attitude they formerly have on him change, and his life is observed as much significant to the society, far much outstanding from the fact that the enmity between the two families has been for extremely too long, even with the warnings by the prince. Therefore, the play, Romeo and Juliet presents all the steps in becoming a hero.

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