Applying research in court settings

Applying research in court settings

Applying research in court settings

Forensic psychology is playing a huge role in court settings through providing expertise in analysis of cases in courts so as to provide the relevant witness information that attorneys and judges can use in arguing the cases of their clients and making a ruling respectively (Rosenfield,2011). The paper shall be analyzing the important parts of the study of Adolescent legal competence in court that are essential for a forensic professional working in a court setting.

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A forensic might use the results of the study in a court setting to argue that the youngest teenagers between 11-13years cannot stand trial because of their level of maturity. The study showed that they could not make mature decisions and they were not aware of the risks associated with their decisions or the consequences that could result from their decisions. The results of competence among the respondents revealed that 16-17 year olds are competent enough to stand trial just like 18-24 year adults. A forensic psychologist can thus use the age difference in a trial process although the competence levels differ in terms of socioeconomic status, gender, race, and ethnicity (Huss, 2009).

Arrigo, B. A., & Shipley, S. L. (2007). Introduction to forensic psychology: Issues and controversies in crime and justice. Amsterdam [etc.: Elsevier.

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