Applying psychology to the movie 12 years a slave

Applying psychology to the movie 12 years a slave

Applying psychology to the movie 12 years a slave

This is a division of psychology concerned with the way an individual perceives themselves in relation to others and also influences the way we interact with others. It is concerned with how we see ourselves in a relationship with the others and the world around us. It affects our behaviors, our beliefs, and the choices that we make in our daily lives.

Understanding of social psychology is essential. This is to enabling individuals to understand better how groups impact the choices we make and also our actions. It also offers a greater appreciation of how social perceptions can affect the interactions with the other people.

In the movie, the environment that one was brought up in or socialization is what affecting the way they perceived the institution of slavery and other things.

Solomon, who was brought up in New York. Enjoying his freedom and was not aware of the things that happen with slavery. With the promise of being to one of his dream gigs, Brown and Hamilton were easily able to lure Solomon to follow them, and they later sell him to slavery. Solomon perceive the men as good businessmen that were impressed by his talent and recognizing them as being his friends.

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Patsey, who was also a slave with Solomon, was once hopeful and full of life individual as she at times recounts to Solomon. However, following her humiliation, whipping and sexual abuse she faced in the hands of Epps she begins losing hope. She becomes destitute and even wishes that her life would end.

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