Applying Culturaly Sensitive Care

A person’s beliefs, values, and social support system greatly influence their behavior and the choices they make in particular situations. Therefore, the RN has to implement the following strategies to ensure culturally sensitive care. Firstly, the Registered Nurse has to carry out self-assessment. It involves the nurse figuring out what their culture is.

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Thirdly, the RN can use the information they have gathered to expedite the choices made by the patient. The RN will, therefore, attempt to comprehend the values that the patient believes in and come up with ways in which medical care can be incorporated while putting into consideration the patient’s customs (Purnell, 2014.PP. 34). In case their attitudes do not allow for any medical assistance, the RN should give details to the patient of the harm that they are likely to suffer if they insist on holding on to their culture.

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