Applying advocacy

Applying advocacy

Applying advocacy

In our current society, there are more homeless people, but unfortunately there are little facilities that provide housing to such people. Mothers and children are usually the victims of homelessness. In order to achieve social change, there is need to advocate for supportive housing project that can only be realized if there is good leadership to facilitate the project.

The major goal that is aimed at by the homeless and supportive housing project is to empower the government and community to make a significant contribution towards addressing this problem in our society. The government can make significant social change because it has wide range of resources needed to curb this issue. The community, on the other hand, can provide human skills needed to construct houses for the homeless people.

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The social workers often come across homeless people. Their code of ethics requires them to offer their services to all people in accordance with the core values of their profession. Ethical principles such as importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, social justice are related to the issue of homeless and supportive housing as it guides professionals on the services they offer the victims of this problem because they come from diverse social backgrounds.

Byrne, D. S. (2011). Applying social science: The role of social research in politics, policy and practice. Bristol: Policy Press.

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