Application of Piaget’s theory in child education

Application of Piaget's theory in child education

Application of Piaget’s theory in child education.

Application of Piaget’s theory in child education: Piaget’s theory is basically a comprehensive theory on the development of human intelligence. It is concerned with knowledge and how humans acquire, construct and apply it.

The theory, according to Piaget is a progressive restructuring of the psychological processes as a result of biological development and the environmental experiences.

In Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, he observed and described children at different stages of development. The theory is in a way complex. This is because it covers from birth through adolescence. The concepts of language, scientific reasoning, moral development and memory are also looked into within the theory.

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which allow a learner to practice the schemas which he/she already possesses. It only escalates the elaboration of such. Such an environment created results in the motivation for learning coming from the learner. The role of the educational system, as a result, should be only to facilitate the learning process by providing the students with the different experiences.

This helps the student to learn from their own intuition, rather than resorting to the readily presented answers. Hence, the teachers should use instruments such as props and visual aids and models and time lines.

In addition to that, the teachers should make use of familiar examples before proceeding to the more complex ones. A provision of an opportunity to group and classify the information to the students facilitates the process of accommodation.


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