Aphrodite of knidos sculpture in Rome Museum

Aphrodite of knidos sculpture in Rome Museum

Aphrodite of knidos sculpture in Rome Museum

The Aphrodite Knidos sculpture in Rome museum was among the most famous work of Praxiteles, an ancient Greek sculptor. The sculpture was made during the 4th century B.C. The Aphrodite of Knidos was the most famous Greek Sculpture of a goddess that inspired the statue. The sculpture was the first devotional statue portraying a female goddess in nude. It was installed in the sacred precinct in the island of Knidos where it produced immediate sensations. The statue gained popularity for its beauty, which was meant to be appreciated from every angle since it was the first presentation of a female nude form (Alexander 241).

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Aphrodite is among the twelve Olympian deities and goddess of fertility, beauty and love. It was used by the Cyrene and Greeks for worship since they found the city in 631 B.C.  Cyrene was then colonized by Theran Greeks. It was eventually taken by Romans in 96 BC and became one of the greatest cities in the central province of Cyrenaica.  Even though the original sculpture was destroyed by fire during riots in the city, the imitations and remains of the original model are still maintained in Rome museums.

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