Antitrust Laws

Antitrust Laws

Antitrust Laws.

Antitrust Laws: In this paper, I will analyze the investigation by the Federal Antitrust agency and determine whether the aim of the pharmaceutical company was to maximize their profit by reducing the competition of the generic drugs in the market. In this paper,

The United States recognize the antitrust laws and both the national and at the state level. The antitrust laws were established to control and manage business and protect the welfare of the consumer by promoting the fair competition platform.

The laws were established to prevent businesses especially monopolies from using their power in the market to exploit the customer. There is a possibility that the multinational pharmaceutical company was aime at creating a stymie competition. Due to the high cost of cooperation that

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making the merged company to be the price maker in the industry which is against the laws of the competitive market that argue that in this type of market the company should be the price taker not the maker.

The other dilemma is whether the government is in the position to give directions. And prevent the monopolization of the telecommunication industry.

It is the role of the government to protect the welfare of consumers by ensuring that businesses don’t engage in activities that are aim towards exploiting the consumer. The federal government show ensures that laws that govern businesses is adhere to, for the purpose of preventing businesses from making unreasonable profit from after exploiting their customers.


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