Ansoff Model for Church Expo

Ansoff Model for Church Expo

Ansoff Model for Church Expo

Ansoff Model for Church Expo:Ansoff model is a matrix that helps organizations or persons to come up with an effective framework on how to market their products. When an organization uses the Ansoff model, it can analyze the opportunities available in the market as far as the organization’s products are concerned.


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If the vendors used the Ansoff’s model, they could have been in a position to understand certain important factors such as; market penetration, product development, market development and diversification. Market penetration is all about getting into the available market with whatever you have as a vendor, to the existing customers

The Ansoff’s Model for the church expo should include another significant element, and that is, product development. Vendor X should look forward to developing his yoghurt. In this case, development means improvement. This will, of course, be accomplished if the expo will take, for example, four days. The vendor should consider improving the yoghurt for the existing customers. The improvement can be achieved through the addition of different flavors. This will help to maintain the existing customers and, as a result, the profits will be retained too.


The Ansoff model is all about developing a framework on how to find a market for a product. At first, the marketer should enter the market with the available product in order to learn about the customer’s preferences.

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