annotated bibliography on Instagram

Al-Ali, S. Embracing the Selfie Craze: Exploring the Possible Use of Instagram as a Language mLearning Tool. Issues and Trends in Educational Technology, 2(2).
In this article, Instagram is seen as a tool that can be used to promote the language classrooms learning. The project though at first was not widely accepted is gradually growing to be one of the best applications in the modern day social media space that promotes writing skills in learners.

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Williams, D., Grymes, J., & Owens, L. L. The Teachable Moment at Home: Assisting Families in Choosing and Using Mobile Applications to Encourage Emergent Literacy.
The article tries to determine the best mode of communication or application learners gain more knowledge in terms of reading skills, social skills, physical activities, sleeping, creativity, math skills, attention span, behavior, and speaking skills. Of all the media researched, computers and mobile devices had better results. Applications such as Instagram promoted the development of learning skills in adults and youths.

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