Annabelles Pregnancy Case

Annabelles Pregnancy Case

Annabelles Pregnancy Case.

Annabelles Pregnancy Case: Annabelle has some conditions that could affect her pregnancy. She had obese during the initial stages of pregnancy, eventually developed mild hypertension, and an abnormal high fasting blood glucose.

The obese nature puts Annabelle at a risk of contracting gestational diabetes, a condition that can lead into a lot of weight concentrating in utero, and putting the baby at risk. In addition, it could lead to a postpartum infection.

A more serious effect of obesity is that Annabelle is vulnerable to fluid retention, swelling and high blood pressure. Hypertension could result in eclamampsia alongside generalized convulsions. Considering that she is over 30 years, she is susceptible to chronic hypertension if the mild hypertension persists.

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These recommendations are also supported by Condous, who emphasizes that once a pregnant woman is identified to have any form of complications, she should be constantly tested.

Orbach et al. (2013) disagrees that the mild hypertension is likely to have any adverse effects on Annabelle just if she eats healthily. Although the healthy eating could be relevant to controlling the hypertension, Annabelle could be better placed if she had relaxation therapy.

Even under the conditions identified in Annabelle, she can still have a healthy pregnancy that will lead into a healthy baby, while letting her maintain her personal health. Implementation of the suggested measures could ensure she attains this objective.


Condous, G. (2008). Enough is enough! Time for a new model of care for women with early pregnancy complications. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology48(1), 2-4.

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