The Anishinaabe people have distinct spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. They are among Indian tribes living in America and Canada. In addition, spiritual beliefs and cultural practices vary among the Indian tribes. American Indians live the traditional life, and they reject attempts to define their beliefs as part of a religion.

Therefore, they refer to their beliefs as their distinct way of life and lifestyle. The Anishinaabe people believe that their spiritual beliefs offer a solution to the social problems that face their society. In addition, the people believe that their traditional ways including their spiritual beliefs bring new hope to their society. Spiritual beliefs and practices reinforce their culture and ensure survival and continuity of the Indian culture. The spiritual practices of the Indian people are distinct and mysterious. Therefore, this paper will describe spiritual practices practiced by Indian tribes including the Anishinaabe people and the different spirits that exist in their spiritual beliefs.

The healing spirit is one of the most important spirits among the Anishinaabe people and in most Indian tribes. Healing is an integral part of their spiritual experience. The healers obtain their medicine from nature as opposed to the medicine manufactured in the laboratory. Therefore, roots and herbs are used to serve the purpose of medicine.  Medicinal knowledge is passed from one generation of healers to another. The Indian people integrate prayers into the healing process.

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Lastly, another important spiritual practice is smoking. The ceremonial pipe is famous amongst the Indian people. It is one of the most widely used instrument in their spiritual practices. Therefore the people believe that the ceremonial pipe connects and attaches them to the power of the spirits.

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