Animal Intelligence

Animal Intelligence

Animal Intelligence

Various studies have been done on animal intelligence. Some animals seem to be very intelligent, and thus the topic of animal intelligence has attracted a lot of researchers who aim at studying the mental abilities of animals. Researchers want to determine whether animals share some of the skills and mental capabilities that human beings have.

Brain imaging of some animals such as dogs reveals that the brains of animals are in structure to respond in the same way like human beings. Researchers have even observed that there are a lot of similarities that exist between dogs and human beings. Such a revelation provokes researchers to carry a detailed research since it contradicts the existing notion that human beings have a relation with apes.  Animal intelligence can be broadly define as the study of animal cognition. Although the issue of animal intelligence is an old topic that has exists for years, there have been limited studies that  relate to the topic. Many people feel that it is not worth to study animal intelligence.

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In conclusion, the study of animal intelligence has received a serious attention in the last 50 years. The notion that human beings are intelligent than all other animals still dominates in philosophy and sciences. However, advances in the study of animal intelligence have found a lot of evidence that challenges such a notion.

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