Animal Disease, Pathology and Immunology

Animal Disease, Pathology and Immunology

Animal Disease, Pathology and Immunology.

Animal disease, pathology and immunology is basically about the diseases that animals encounter in the day to day life, their pathology and how the animals can be immune to the diseases themselves. These diseases can deteriorate the health of animals just as much as they do to humans.

This paper will discuss the diseases affecting the animals with particular emphasis on the cause along with the treatment, which such animals can be accorded.

Veterinary immunology and immunotherapy tends to focus on the animals, their immune system and how the immune system can be used in prevention of the diseases that normally affect the animal kingdom.

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beak spreading over the face. Pruritus may also be mild but not as when the other species in the genus. The diagnosis that can be done so that the birds can be treated might be as herein presented.

The history as well as the clinical signs has proven to be very suggestive of the ailment. A scraping that is skin deep is needed so that the mites can be identified; this is to be done till the capillary blood is visible (Jubb, 1993).

Another useful way is to pluck the feathers of the bird. There are a few of licensed acaracidal treatments available for poultry birds. Treatment done repeatedly with one of the licensed ones is key to treat and cure the disease. Another way of prevention might be through prophylactic acaracidal treatment.


Conn, P. M. (2012). Animal models of molecular pathology. London: Elsevier.

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