Ancient Chinese Contributions

Ancient Chinese Contributions

Ancient Chinese Contributions.

Ancient Chinese Contributions: China as a nation is responsible for the invention and creation of great innovative inventions that shape the quality of our day to day lives. The country’s history involves the learning, use and application of various engineering and technological fields like mathematics, mechanics and hydraulics.

This led to the creation of many inventions that have shaped the future of the world with some of the inventions being so critical that they are considered to be the greatest creations of all time.

With great inventions in the 20th and 21st century like the fiber optic cable that transmits large volumes of data at incredible speeds and GPS car systems that can guide you to any destination of your choice,

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the one invention that I personally can’t live without is paper. Paper is a great invention that changed how the world put down its information, ideas and experiences.

A day would not pass for instance, without me picking up a book to read or write on or a piece of paper to write some small notes or draw on. Without paper, this would all have been impossible or extremely difficult to achieve.

There are many great inventions and innovations in the world today that make our live easier. They would however not have be possible without the great foundation of inventions and innovations that came up in the past. The great inventions of history have helped shape our future and can therefore never be overlooked.


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