Ancient Art

Ancient Art

Ancient Art.

Ancient art in modern society acts primarily as an evidence-based form of preserving historical information. Such ancient art is created through painting, sculptures, pictorials and writing s among others.

Many ancient artists represented their artistic works from personal inspiration that ranged from religion, beauty, love; and the events that were taking place at the time.

Development of art came from masterpieces whose intent and purpose varied from being used as gifts, for nobility and surety of life continuation to the deceased. Modern appreciation of ancient art has significantly been appreciated by many people in the society.

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However, the Athena Mattei art is a representation of peace and beauty. The art was created at a time that the Roman and the Greek had territorial differences. She was a symbol of cultural and religious belief. As the goddess of war, she was consulted and respected by the warriors who battled with the Romans.

Ancient art represent our past and future cultural heritage, therefore it is important to ensure the conservation of ancient pieces. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Musee du Louvre are examples of establishments that have taken in the professional conservation of ancient pieces of art by having specified collections of pieces manned for posterity reasons.

In addition, archeologists, historian and anthropologists have made it possible for people to understand the thematic concerns that ancient people tried to convey, especially in defining the transition of human life into civilization, which was pioneered by art.


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