Analyzing Elements of Creative Non-Fiction

Analyzing Elements of Creative Non-Fiction

Analyzing Elements of Creative Non-Fiction.

Analyzing Elements of Creative Non-Fiction: The book, Word Freak, depicts a series of real life characters involved in professional chess tournaments. One of these characters is the visible Matt Graham. He is a scrabble player who brings a lively spirit to the book.

Having a real interest in the game, Matt meets the title of the book as being a word freak. His behaviours portray several qualities such as superstitious, unethical, skilled and studious among others.

These qualities are revealed through the character’s involvement in the game of chess. The author manages to create an outstanding character through the use of this non-fictional man. Matt Graham also serves a particular role in the text and

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This is seen in his used of obscure terminology and the disrespect show to his friend. Therefore, his character serves as a warning that pride results in a fall. This is cemented when he loses the tournament,

The character of Matt Graham is troubling. He seems to represent both the good and the bad. On one hand, he is ambitious, focused, hardworking and skilled in the game of scrabble.

However, on the other hand, the character depicts traits such as pride, arrogance, vulgarity, temper and indifference among others. Regardless of this, his skill in the game is undoubtable. His dedication is also admirable. All in all, the character displays deep commitment to the game.

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