Analyze the metaphor of Gregor Samsa

Analyze the metaphor of Gregor Samsa

Analyze the metaphor of Gregor Samsa

In the Metamorphosis by Kafka, the central protagonist is Gregor Samsa. According to the information provided by the narrator, little information is provided on the place where Samsa live and his age, but it is apparent that he is a young adult because he stays in parents house and has a young sister who is seventeen years of age. The settings in the narration are in an urban region, and Germany speaking region because the family stays in an apartment, and Gregor stated of being in the city (331). Arguably, a hardworking and a devoted son, but conflict develop in every event Gregory engages in his life.

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Gregor sacrifices his life by working in a job he hates for the sake of providing for his family, work to a point of exhaustion for the purpose of ensuring financial stability in his family and sacrifice himself because he appear as the best in the farm. The treatment Gregor receives after being transformed; his family paints them in a negative light. His family ignores him and left for long hours helpless and locked in his room. In addition, his family seems to create borders with him indicating that he is in denial of realities of the situation in his family (Gallagher 73).

Work Cited
“The Metamorphosis.” Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. Ed. X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. Pearson. 2013. 319-48. Print.

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