Analyze how traditions about marriage and family relate to finances.

Analyze how traditions about marriage and family relate to finances

Analyze how traditions about marriage and family relate to finances.

Both men are women are victims of deceit on their financial welfare. According to research, both have been dishonest about their wages or even opening secret accounts that their spouses don’t know about. Nobel Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus research indicated that families benefit more likely from the credit when managed by women also being faithful than men in repaying their loans.

A different study from Philippines has shown women due to their ability to control family’s savings account are able to invest in long term assets.

Coontz’s article explores historical research perspectives and family studies. The history of family was greatly influenced by anthropology and sociology. Elaboration of the disciplines have enriched family research, practices and policy making. Historical research allows the by scholars to deepen their diversity by challenging several assumptions about the issues of family life. For years, historians have treated families as natural and taken for granted backdrops until they learnt that sociologists, economists and demographers see families as social institutions (Coontz 283-297).

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Gendered policies due to their biased attention toward private spending have overlooked these problems. Their attention has been directed towards individual spending and has therefore ignored important structures in inequality in spending. An alarming tradition has been cultivated blaming poverty as a cause by the poor people due to their poor spending patterns. A better structure should, therefore, be enhanced by these policies to improve the spending patterns (Zelizer).

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Coontz, Stephanie. “Historical Perspectives on Family Studies .” (2000): 297.

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