Analyze Administrative Activities: Privacy and Agencies

Each agency and especially those of the federal government handle pursuit of their mandates as well as activities in the manner that they preserve their records as well as ensure that they serve the people’s interests. The administration proceeds to focus on improving how the agencies leverage existing data so as to facilitate the agencies programmatic works as well as enhance the value of the data to the citizens

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In conclusion, personal privacy interests are indeed protected by the two provisions, FIOA and the PA where the agencies are engaged in balancing the privacy interests of everyone as well as that of their activities. The use of the administration data as well as interaction of Privacy Acts has led to more transparency and a better model for interagency agreements for all the departments as well as agencies to follow when they are developing their practices and policies.

Birkinshaw, P. (2010). Freedom of Information: the Law, the Practice and the Ideal. Cambridge University Press.

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