Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics

Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics

Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics

Ethics is defined as what one is expected to do- the type of behavior that is expected to transform the world a better habitation. There are ethical values that virtually transcends all religions and cultures (Thyssen, 2009). On the other hand, values are described as the things that are valued by someone or are important to someone.

One of the organization’s vision necessities is that it needs to operate consistently with its core values. Typically, different companies have different ethics and values. Therefore, companies operate in their own, way when compared. This may depend on whether the said company is for-profit or not-for-profit. It is prudent to note that each company has its unique problems, whether they are for-profit or not- for-profit organization. The differences between for-profit and non-profit organization have a quite significant effect on the firms themselves. This too determines whether an organization can climb the success ladder or whether they need   to make a change so as to achieve development and growth in the future.

This paper’s goal will be to provide a comparison between Apple Inc., which is a for-profit company, and the American Red Cross Society, which is not-for-profit Company by addressing the background of the two companies. It will also discuss the proposed recommendations and solutions to the problem these companies face.

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To sum it all up, not-for-profit organization and for-profit organizations should build their foundations on integrity and respect for humanity since their primary purposes are to make the World a better place to inhabit. Therefore, for-profit organization and not-for-profit organizations are governed by different approaches, principles and vision.

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