Analysis of fire & emergency services operations

Analysis of fire & emergency services operations

Analysis of fire & emergency services operations

Management of disasters and fire by the pentagon goes in align with the guidelines and policies of disaster management. Every member of the pentagon rescue team is required to observe the guidelines for efficient and deductive rescue operations. These policies have so far been used in a number of events of disaster operations in various parts of United States. For instance, in December 2001 after the Washington attacks by Al-Qaida terrorist groups. The paper reviews the guidelines and policies of operation in cases of attacks. It also analyses the fire and Emergency Services operations during the 9/11 Pentagon Emergency and the 9/11 Towers Emergency.

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It has also been investigating the causes of other disasters in order to boost security in United States and across all the boarders. Pentagon commission report regarding September 11, 2001 attacks has so far enabled the agency to come up with a clearer conclusion of what might have been the course of the attack. The report findings draw a clear picture of events surrounding the attacks. Disaster management policies have also been a major tool used in pentagon in management of disasters that strikes the country.

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