Analysis of Advertising

Analysis of Advertising

Analysis of Advertising

A semiotic analysis of an advertisement media analyzes the signs and symbols that are encoded in the everyday advertisement. An effective advertisement should have the sign and symbol characteristics that will enable depict the right message it was intended to. However, these signs and symbols are interpreted differently by different people because of cultural differences, stereotyping, and beliefs among other things.

Advertisements may have different signs and meanings engraved in like the logos, packaging design, brand names, television advertisement, and print advertisements. Advertisements can be interpreted in two levels; the surface and the underlying level. The surface level include signs that are used to create an image or personality for their product. The signs might include among others the words, images, fonts, slogan, or colors. The underlying level of interpretation entails the hidden meanings (Ousborne 53). The consumer is supposed to decode the message encoded in these signs for the advertisement to achieve the intended purpose.

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The use of social myths that the potential consumer can interpret depends on the cultural value of the market at any given time. The advertisements build on the emotional connection with the reader through signs explored. The advertisements will use and rely on signs to connote certain message in order to engage the reader. The effectiveness of the magazine advertisement will depend on how the reader will identify with the signs in order to decode the intended message.

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