Analysis and application exercise

Analysis and application exercise

Analysis and application exercise

Among the criminal cases that were being addressed in court, gang violence was noted to be on the increase. The increased violence made the judge to want to gain more understanding about the gangs in the society and the associated violence. The basic premise of the study was in St. Louis, an area that had ninety-nine members of a gang, and which nine of them had already been killed by the time the research article was being submitted for publication. The deaths of the gang members were an indication that gang violence was an issue of concern that needed to be addressed.

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Collective behavior of the gang members presented an effective measure of the concepts of gang violence which the administration could use while addressing the issue. The techniques of accessing reliability include test-retest where a test is repeated several times to ensure the results are constant. Inter-rater reliability is where different judges have to agree on a common assessment decision. Internal consistency reliability evaluates the degree of test items that come up with similar results.

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