An Islamic Perspective on Inheritance

An Islamic Perspective on Inheritance

An Islamic Perspective on Inheritance

Matters of inheritance in Islam are handled by a field that goes by the name Islamic Inheritance Jurisprudence. Inheritance is a topic that is conspicuously in discussion in the Quran. It is often dubbed Mirath, and it is a division of Islamic law that is known as Ulm al-fara id. All Muslims are not only expect to follow the law but also implement the rules fully as far as Islamic inheritance is concerned. It is an issue that goes way back to the early years the system of inheritance was narrow to the male descendants. On the other hand, women were not entitle to any inheritance, and they were infact inheritable commodities. Siblings who were from the mother’s side that is like half-sisters or half-brothers were totally excluded.

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In conclusion, it is evident that inheritance is very important in Islam and, therefore, it is an issue that is serious. The main aspect of Islam as far as inheritance is concerned is who gets what. The reasons why women will always get half of their male counterparts are stipulate as well. Islam has determined by a division is accordance with the needs and responsibilities of both men and women. Therefore, it perspective is that it has preserved the principle of justice as far as inheritance is concerned.

Powers, D. S. (1993). Islamic Inheritance System: A Socio-Historical Approach, The. Arab LQ, 8, 13.

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