An Introduction to a small business

An Introduction to a small business

An Introduction to a small business

Peaceful Pastures is a company I started to deal with equine assisted activities. Peaceful Pastures is located at 425 Ireland Avenue, Millville, NJ 08332. Specifically, this company recognizes the strong connection between people and horses and also diverse benefits that come with the business. In this business, the benefits are mental, physical, and intellectual. Ideally, this is because horses harmonize the work of many psychotherapists, physiotherapists, educationalist, and others. At Peaceful Pastures, one can interact with horses in activities such as horsemanship, riding, vaulting, and carriage driving.In this entity, the social, technological and economic aspect will be all-inclusive meaning that the business will be holistic. It will be an engaging forum where parents and guardians will watch their children meet challenges, take risks, and become independent. However, for Peaceful pastures to be a success, it will be guided by five key principles; vision, perception, reputation, leadership, and consistency.

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Activities in this business improve coordination, balance, and joint mobility. Horseback riding and sclerosis will assist my clients to overcome the challenges they face every day. Also, the horses will be a bridge between child and parents, and this will create a strong a unique bond for the families to build.

Kern, J. K., Fletcher, C. L., Garver, C. R., Mehta, J. A., Grannemann, B. D., Knox, K. R., … & Trivedi, M. H. (2011). Prospective trial of equine-assisted activities in autism spectrum disorder. Alternative therapies in health and medicine, (17), 14-20.

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