Amphetamine Use Past and Present

An amphetamine is among the most commonly abused drugs in the US. The drug was discovered in 1887, and it was only marketed in 1932. Initially, these drugs were used in the treatment of patients who suffered from congestion issues such as asthma. Later, the drug was discovered as very useful for the treatment of patients who had sleep disorders. Since there was a lot of clinical enthusiasm of the drug, there was continuous abuse (Amphetamines – History). The drug was not widely abused until in 1950, s. There was an inflated demand for the drug since it was found that the drug could be used to inhibit sleep.

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On the other hand, she did not intend to use the drug beyond the exam time; however, she continues to use the drug afterward. Additionally, she tries to cut down the use of the drug but she does not succeed. She keeps on increasing the dosage (DSMIV-TR Criteria for Substance Abuse for Dependency, 1994).
I also argue that she could be having a substance use disorder, since she is aware that the drug has serious health impacts, but she does not shun way from using the drug. Finally, she continues using the drug, despite eminent problems of intoxication such as frequent headaches.

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