Amnesty by Nadine Gordimer

Amnesty is a story by Nadine Gordimer reflecting the life of a young lady, the narrator from her childhood into her motherhood. There is this man to whom she has been betrothed and she expects once she finishes her primary education, he would have finished paying for her dowry and they can get married. However, the man is apprehended among other comrades for fighting for what they believe shall result in a better future for their children. He was sent to prison for six years and when he is finally released, he chose to dedicate himself to the movement. The paper, therefore seeks to analyze the effects of his choice on his family in terms of whether the decision was really worth it.

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Joining the movement after being released from prison was not such a good idea because it put the family of the narrator at more risk especially from the Boers and also it was having negative effects on the daughter and the unborn child. The narrator’s husband believes it all for the future of the children, but even his wife was not really sure of the man she believed to be her husband.

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