American revolution

American revolution

American revolution

After the formation of New England, the Northern and Middle colonies, England retained control over them. As such England controlled development, religion and the government, just to mention a few. However, as the colonies developed, they began to covet their individual independence, and this was seen as a threat by English rulers. The most significant change that these American colonies had to confront was to create a society that was unique and different from that in England.

Upon this background, this paper evaluates the length to which it would be accurate to state that the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies had come together to form a single American society way before the outbreak of the revolution.

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The observed efforts towards separation from England by these colonies in America took many years; nonetheless they eventually offered the colonists a true sense of freedom. Through significant steps such as, capitalism, self-government, and a liberal class structure, the colonies slowly, gained their independence from England. In addition, the observable changes in religion, economics, politics, and social structure show how Americanization started way before the outbreak of the revolution (Hopper and Hopper 37).

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