American religious experience

American religious experience

American religious experience

The first great awakening was an evangelistic movement that swept the British America and the protestant Europe between 1730 and 1760. The awakening resulted from a powerful preaching that gave people the revelation of their salvation needs by Jesus Christ. The first great awakening fostered a deep sense of spiritual conviction to Christianity and encouraged listeners to be committed to new standards of personal morality.

The second great awakening in North America took place between 1800 and 1830. The move was described as a reaction against skepticism, rationalism and deism. The second great awakening involved millions of members from different evangelistic denominations. It stimulated the establishment of several reform movements to curb evils in the society before the anticipated coming of Jesus Christ (Walter & Conser, 1984).

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The first awakening changed the church members’ rituals, self-awareness and piety as well. The first awakening considered the non-members of the church as unclean and did not involve them in their rituals unless they got saved. This was the reason why the evangelism did not impact many people hence the introduction of the second awakening. On the contrary, the second great awakening focused on all members of the society independent on whether they are believers on non-believers.

This awakening was more successful in redeeming many individuals unlike the first awakening. The evangelical preachers included every person in their conversion agenda independent of their gender, status and race (Allen, 2000).

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