American Poetry

The contemporary works of American writers such as Whitman, Longfellow, and Dickinson is very different with the works that were produced by American writers during the 19th and 29th centuries. This is a representation of the Pilgrimage of the typical modern-day American writer. Poetry has moved from European derivatives to uniquely American poetry. This essay looks into the similarities and differences in language as well as tone of the modern-day poets with those of earlier American writers.

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In conclusion, whereas earlier American literary works were best described by particular stylistic conventions or a number of popular schools of thought, the present-day American literature can be best described by the traditions it broke instead of the tradition it established. Motivated by rapid changes within the fabric of the American life, earlier writings produced literature fraught that had tension, battling with profound universal questions without presenting clear solutions.

In Hall, D. (2002). Contemporary American poetry. Harmondsworth, Eng.: Penguin Books.

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