American history

American history

American history

President Wilson’s Fourteen Points received much controversy from the nations of the world. Wilson mobilized other nations of the world including allies and enemies of the state towards establishing peace. The fourteen points were not all included in treaties and Versailles, but they altered the course of history.

German was previously at war with other European nations and through the fourteen points they found it a bit difficult to go back to war to defend the conquered nations, ports and seas. The nations mentioned in the points like Russia, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy among others felt bound by the points to not react towards any anger or flaws they felt for their enemies.

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Ireland’s fight for independence, which was supported by German led to the break out of the Second World War. The conquered states were fighting for their rights and freedoms and the superior nations (German) were fighting to maintain and add more ports and conquests.

The war marked the end of colonialism and communism in many nations. It marked the fall of Europe as a great nation as Germany did not win the war. The fourteen point’s inclusion contributed to the surrender of Germany as it almost directly pointed out the reparation of war that Germany had to pay.

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