American government and marriage

American government and marriage

American government and marriage

The importance of a family system and marriage that comes with it has historically been significant among the majority of Americans. In fact, the importance of marriage was stressed by the colonial communities in America under the British rule. At that time, there were sanctions to be impose on those that did not marry.

There were taxes impose on the men that did not marry in the New England colonies. Even with the limited rights that the enslaved families faced, they were allowed to marry and maintain their families. Marriage forms the basis of the family structures. Today with the changing roles and types of marriages, there are dynamics that are in play that are of interest to the state and the policies that they adopt. Such marriages include homosexual marriages that were formerly not there. The form, structure and longevity of marriage may have an effect on the children and also with the spouses, and, therefore, the government should involve to protect the interests of its citizens that get into marriage. Therefore, the state has an interest in promoting marriage.

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It is therefore in the best interest of the government to promote and protect the institution of marriage. It lays the basis for the next generation of Americans who are the children and also affects the productivity of the citizens.

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