American civil liberties since 9-11

American civil liberties since 9-11

American civil liberties since 9-11

American civil liberties since 9-11: The attacks on September 11 resulted in the death of very many innocent people. The terrorist attacks were carried out by a Muslim group that was retaliating against the American government.

The efforts to protect innocent Americans against future attacks led to the erosion of American civil liberties especially against innocent Muslims. Human rights organizations have been on the front line to criticize the efforts by the American government security agents which are cite as harassment.

Many Muslims have reported on how they have been humiliated like being told to switch seats or get off a plane because people are uncomfortable. Most media houses usually emphasize that the identity of individuals that perform reported terror attacks are Muslims. Americans and other nationals

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seem to have good agendas and only mind their own business. A situation occurred whereby one American Muslim cited that he had been aske to swear and sign a document that showed that he would be totally loyal to the politician. The young man cited that he had been born and raised in the United States and that the kind of treatment that he was receiving was unfair.

His only affiliation to the terror group leaders and members is that they share the same religion. The young man only signed the documents because he felt that he had no choice. And he would probably have lost the opportunity to earn a living.


Cainkar, Louise. Homeland Insecurity: The Arab American and Muslim American. 2009.

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