Amazon major segments

Amazon major segments

Amazon major segments

Amazon.Com has several major departments that compose it; namely its consumers, sellers, the enterprise itself and content creators. The consumers represent that part of the market all around the world that buys goods and services from the company.

The sellers constitute the traders who have submitted their products online through the company’s website in order sell them. The enterprise is the company itself that has brought the technology to virtually bring all consumers and sellers together for the purpose of business.

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The quality of the vest can be cotton, nylon or silk; this is the only decision consumers will have to make when buying which gives them an easier task (Kinney & Cecily, 2012).

In the sellers segment, process costing will rule over the other techniques of costing as this will standardize the prices of items. There will be no exaggerations of prices of items, hence bad competition will not exist and most sellers will concentrate more on the quality of the goods they produce and sell as this is what will bring returns to their sales (Kinney & Cecily, 2012).

Kinney, M., & Cecily, R. (2012). Cost Accounting: Foundations and Evolutions. Cengage Learning.

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