Alternative Pain Management

Alternative Pain Management

Alternative Pain Management.

Alternative pain management can also be referred to alternative therapy. This is a term that is used to refer to a medical treatment process or any form of intervention that can be used instead of conventional medicine in order to manage pain.

Alternative therapy covers a number of disciplines which can be applied individually or collectively. In the recent pasts, there have been various researches aimed at deriving the benefits of such disciplines as body-mind therapy, use of nutritional supplements and acupuncture in treating pain (Abaci, 2009).

Other measures applied in alleviating pain such as massage, herbal therapies, and therapeutic touches have also been found useful as will be discussed in this paper. Specifically, this paper will focus on such disciplines as acupuncture, relaxation, visualization,

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significant pain relief and recorded improvements on daily basis. For those who are not good in art, they also get pain relief by watching and discussing the arts with the other patients.

Alternative pain management entails approaches that help to reduce pain without necessarily using conventional medicine as has been discussed in this paper.

This paper has discussed a few disciplines and techniques that have been proven to relief chronic pain. Stress has been found out to be a major cause of pain in patients; the paper has identified the various techniques that can reduce stress in order to relief the pain form the patient.


Abaci, P. (2009). Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain: The Latest Research, Cutting-Edge Tools,   and Alternative Treatments for Feeling Better. New York: Globe Pequot.

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