All Sex All the Time

All Sex All the Time

All Sex All the Time

All Sex All the Time:Morality is the extent of an individual’s ability to distinguish between the right and wrong behaviors. Any community has its set moral values, and one has to have the morals in order to fit in it. There is a noticeable change in people’s behavior from the past centuries to the modern times. One of the many factors that determine morality is sexual relations. With time, the difference in this aspect becomes wider. Dalrymple, in his article “All Sex, All the Time” says that the pleasure of sex by men is the catalyst of erosion of moral sensibility through thought and behavior.

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The belief that there is no specific age of consent to have sex, makes many teenagers get pregnant at that stage. It leads to immoral behaviors such as abortion since they are not ready to raise the kids. Many people fail to believe in the laws that God put across such as, fornication, incest, and adultery (Gayle, 107). These cases are high in the world today especially with the development in technology. If human beings do not try to bring back the moral values by trying to restrict sexual evolution further, the situation is likely to get worse.

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