All citizens should speak a second language

All citizens should speak a second language

All citizens should speak a second language

There has been a contentious debate going on in the United States of America on whether citizens should learn a second language. This is more so where social analyst have been arguing that in fact learning a foreign language should be mandatory in the curriculum system in this country. As a result, this paper seeks to develop an argumentative easy on the highlighted points in the matter. This is from the advocators side and also from the critics against the idea of studying a second language. Therefore, this essay is based on a question whether students in American schools should learn a second language.

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For starters, advocates of learning a second language argue that if studying a second language was made compulsory in the American curriculum where it were graded just like any other language, then Americans would put effort in learning it. This would help them communicate with people from diverse regions from around the globe (Gordon 12).  This is more so in any communication forum, including social media which has connected the world from all corners. For instance, most people are on Facebook and Twitter nowadays. When it comes to gathering information, people are flocking these sites in large number in search of updates on different issues that may affect the human world. When such an issue happens, and the only person who has an access to the right information updates it in a foreign language other persons would not understand it.

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