Alexis De Tocqueville on politics and mentality

Alexis De Tocqueville on politics and mentality

Alexis De Tocqueville on politics and mentality

In the 1830s, Europe was recovering from war, revolution, and a perishing aristocracy. Old ideas fettered Europe. The ideas that had made Europe great were now the root of many of the problems it faced in the 1830s. The problems included an overbearing and unfair monarchy worsened by a tradition of wide economic disparity between the lower class and the aristocracy.

The result was of that regardless of the want and need for a democracy the circumstance of France history rendered enacting it a costly endeavour. Some scholars, desperately looking for a solution, looked to foreign models of governments. Alexis de Tocqueville, a French political thinker, studied the US in the places of the French government.

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Tocqueville noted that in a large society, even though all subjects are stimulated, ideas circulated freely, the capitalists had the platform to invest on productive projects, and these fastened the process of civilization. Small countries did not have these advantages and therefore experienced a slower rate of civilization.

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