Individuals who drink and never become addicted to alcohol end with a devastating suffering life with the abuse or consumption of alcohol (Langwith, J. (2010). According to many expert and laypersons, different ideas and thoughts have been raised concerning the issue of alcoholism. Gorski, explains that alcoholism is a biological disease that needs to be treated early to avoid further destruction effects and people affected by this disease should seek medical advice or treatment (Langwith, J. (2010). According to Mitchell, alcoholism is a syndrome for alcohol dependence and a disease that is characterize or identified with the loss of physical dependency, cravings, tolerance, and control.

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It is after this picture is in play on the mind that the urge/thirst or desire for alcohol starts and that’s where we lose the control over our lives. In addition, according to control theory, we can only overcome this illness and take charge of our lives through replacing this picture with a different positive one. Thus, alcoholism is a disease and can find cure when only we accept to do so.

Messner, S. F., Krohn, M. D., & Liska, A. E. (1989). Theoretical integration in the study of deviance and crime: Problems and prospects. Albany: State University of New York Press.

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