Albinism is a congenital hereditary disorder that is characterized by little or no production of the melanin pigment in the skin, eyes or the hair that gives color to the skin. The disease is also known as Achromia or Achromasia and affects humans, mammals, birds, fish reptiles and amphibians (King & Summers, 1988. P. 217). The essay will seek to investigate this condition.

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To conclude, for a condition that is out of control of human prevention and occurrence, albinism is an acute condition. It results in serious and detrimental consequences that not only affect the physical but emotional and social aspect of an individual. Therefore, more support and care in terms of love, acceptance, and affordable treatment is necessary to ensure people with the condition live a better life.

King, R. A., & Summers, C. G. (1988). Albinism. Dermatologic clinics, 6(2), 217-228.

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