Al jazeera News Staff Resign over purported Anti-Syrian Bias

Al jazeera News Staff Resign over purported Anti Syrian Bias

Al jazeera News Staff Resign over purported Anti-Syrian Bias

Al Jazeera is a Doha based broadcaster that is owned by the Al Jazeera media network and funded by a ruling family in Qatar, House of Thani. While the media network has a large influence from the Middle East, they have taken critics and been involved in several controversies. Al Jazeera has been criticized for being a state media that is owned by Qatar government. This has contributed to its being political Islam and having a strong anti-Syrian bias (Berman, 2003).

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Authority: the paper is prepared by The Elliott School of International Affairs. Therefore, it can be taken to represent the global stance on the Middle East Crisis. Therefore, it has the authority to convince everyone that that is very influential.
Purpose: I included this source to illustrate how the global perception of the influence of Syria in the Middle East crisis is. The perception dictates the attitudes and thus the biasness. Therefore, through the use of the source, I am able to demonstrate that Syrians can resign because of the biasness.

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Ellis, C., & Guckenberg, M. (2012). The Domestic Political Ramifications of Hezbollah’s Support for the Assad Regime. 52.

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