Air Pollutions

Air Pollutions

Air Pollutions.

Air Pollutions: Pollution is a general and common word we hear every day. It is one of the forms of pollution that environmental agencies address globally.

Air pollution is contagion of outdoor or indoor environment by any physical, chemical or biological agent that alters the atmosphere’s natural characteristics (Stern and Arthur 43044). Industrial facilities, combustion devices, forest fires, and motor vehicles are common air pollution causes.

Both indoor and outdoor air pollution cause fetal respiratory disorders. Pollutants that are of primary concern to public health include ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Air pollution threatens the health of all living things, humans included.

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World Health Organization (WHO) documents that air pollution affects children than adults because to the polluted air concentration in their system which depends on body size.

In addition to the above points, the paper has documented the recommended solutions that the WHO documents in their reports: possible solutions to air pollution as combustion, absorption, adsorption, the use of renewable energy sources, energy conservation, reduction of road transport via use of public transport, use of clean resources of energy, and use of devices that conserve energy and use the available energy efficiently.

According to environmental reports by European Environmental Agency, it is possible to save about 161 billion Euros in a year when deaths resulting from air pollution are reduced. Therefore, it is a “collective and individual responsibility to observe the measures and implement strategies to reduce air pollution”.

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