AIDS Problem in America

AIDS Problem in America

AIDS Problem in America.

AIDS Problem in America: Causes of AIDS: (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome otherwise commonly referred to as AIDS is not a disease in itself rather, AIDS is a condition that develops after the Human Immunodeficiency Virus-HIV affects the human body.

Therefore, in case a person gets infected with HIV, the virus starts by damaging their immune system, promoting immunodeficiency. Under this condition the person is unable to the fight off germs and pathogens, and hence, this individual is prone to illness of any kind.

However, it can take HIV several years for the immune system to get severely damaged consequently make the person vulnerable to various diseases-opportunistic infections. Opportunistic infections include; Kaposi’s sarcoma, a form of skin cancer, and consequently the person may be diagnose with AIDS.

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As such, many of the effects of this epidemic can only be eliminate through community base approach. Therefore, the government must be willing to be on the lead to create awareness, fund and provide cheap and affordable drugs in addition to health care.

Consequently, it is up on ever individual to understand the numerous causes of the epidemic and practice safe sex among other recommended measures that will help reduce the epidemic. Further, the community must learn to embrace the sick or those living with the condition.

Discrimination is not a solution and it has been scientifically prove that HIV/AIDs cannot be transmitte. Through touch, kiss, or sharing of basic amenities like toilets and bathrooms.


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